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PR – Who is the journalist? Friend or enemy?

When should we release a statement? What should be the content, the main message? When and where should I give an interview? When, where and about what shall we organise a press conference? How can I prepare for an interview? How can I organize a press trip, that is interesting enough for the journalists to ensure that they will write their article with our main message? How should we keep in touch with the press? How can we make our service or product sexy, although in fact they are absolutely NOT? When and where should the CEO of the company give an interview? When should our communication be reactive and when proactive?

We are here to help you answer these questions. We can prepare for you an overall annual communication plan or a Q&A for a current request.

Corporate Communication – Do we need a complex communication plan?

What should be the timing of our internal and the external communication and how shall we coordinate them? What kind of tools do we have to use and on what platforms to strengthen our brand? When do we need to be a sponsor of, and when do we have to be a participant in an event? How should we adapt our communication to our stakeholders? How can we strengthen the loyalty of our employees? When and how should we share the trends, the challenges and the problems of our sector with our employees? How do others comply with these tasks??

We can help you to answer each of these questions or we can elaborate a complete short, medium or long term communication strategy for you.

Events – Both the journalists and I are bored with the usual press conferences so where and how should I organize our upcoming one?

Where and how shall I organize the Christmas party or Family Day of my company to strengthen the loyalty of the employees and to make it memorable? Where can I find an exclusive, exciting venue to organize an elegant dinner for the executives of the company where we can talk confidentially? What is the ideal site for a two-day outdoor leadership meeting? How should I organize an interesting press trip for the journalists and ensure that the expected articles will appear? Should I hold a press conference or a client party? Is it necessary to organize a press conference in order to forward the stakeholders the main messages of the company?

An event can strengthen or weaken the brand of your company. Therefore the quality of these events is essential. We can help you organize and conduct your internal and external event to high standards.

Media trainings – How can I give the right answer to an uncomfortable question from a journalist?

Should I look into the camera or into the eyes of the reporter during an interview? What should I wear for a photo or TV shooting? How shall I prepare my makeup for the TV broadcasting? What is the difference between a live and a broadcast program? How can I prepare for a TV interview? How should I answer a journalist, if I want to evade answering a specific question?

Our trainings are fully tailor-made: they ranger from a one-to-one, one hour discussion preparing for an interview to a half-or two-day outdoor training with relaxation programs for small groups.

Issue management – The company is in trouble! How can we overcome the crisis situation?

How can I handle an unexpected situation such as an accident at the company? How can I deal with the change of the company’s ownership in a complex way? How should I react to the negative media coverage of my CEO? How can I prepare the foreign investors for the Hungarian circumstances? What kind of internal communication strategy would support the exit strategy of the company?

Acquisition, disinvestment, exit strategy, accident, rapid legal changes. Nowadays these phenomena can hardly be labeled as crisis situations as they are almost part of our everyday life. Still they differ from our normal daily operation. Thanks to our professional partners we can put together an „issue team” of HR, strategy, finance, legal specialists to solve your problem in a complex way, at high standards. If you have this crisis management team in house, we can help you and be your „external eye” to find the fastest and the most efficient solution for you.

Content management – Shall we put the same video on Facebook and on the corporate website?

How and under what topic shall we produce our own content? Should the video be funny or serious? How can our own video be a supplement to our media campaign? Shall we produce videos about our internal events? If yes, should we share these videos on Facebook and Youtube or publish them only internally? How can we use our sponsorships for content producing? Shall we make a reference video about our site?

Video content is more popular than the classical content, therefore video is playing an increasingly important role in internal and external communication. It can strengthen the positive image of the company.  We can originate the concept, develop the creative and produce the content for you. We can also help you find the appropriate platform for your content.

White Paper Communication – What does it mean?

In 1922 the British Government prepared a document called the Churchill White Paper to support the Middle-East politicy of the legendary British Prime Minister. The Paper set the ground for an unprecedented and effective political dialogue among the stakeholders.

Many years later the White Papers – the White Books – of the European Committee propose EU actions on specific areas. When the Council of European Union adopts the proposals of the White Book, the EU may launch its Action Plan in the relevant area.

A White Paper, a marketing communication tool is a confidential, concise and short document summarizing the most relevant details of a particular issue or problem offering adequate solutions to it. That is what we offer to our clients.

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