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After several successful years at the media business Andrea Pánczél decided to sail in the new unknown sea of the energy industry, and as sudden as she came, almost immediately she has conquered the corporate communication sector of energy industrial in Hungary too. She has a special character by not only conveying but at the same time understanding too the particular processes of the energy business, so we could formulate a very friendly-based and appreciable business relation with her for last years. I highly appreciate her approach to respect the industrial achievements, with understand the nature of energy deals and only afterward going to translate it to the publicly understandable language in the daily communication and public relations. Working with Andrea Pánczél and her company not only a nice thing, but also might be efficient, quick and successful for their partners.

As a travelling reporter I gained a lot of experience about how a well organised trip and filming shall look like – regarding the factual, the logistical and of course the human aspects of it. The cooperation can be really difficult with a partner or a company which from one side can provide unique access to some regions that would be otherwise closed to the public, but on the other hand their priorities and interests can really differ from those of the the reporters and journalists. And compromise cannot be accepted when it comes to content. This is why it was great to work with Andrea Pánczél in Iraq, as due to her past and profound experience on the field of television she was able to organise the trip with regard to both the interests of her company and the priorities of the journalists on the field.

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea Pánczél in the last two years, when I was managing the strategy of Engie in Hungary, and leading the negotiations with the stakeholders.

I was always pleased to be able to count on her deep knowledge of the energy markets in general, and of the Hungarian markets in particular. She was most helpful in explaining in clear terms the complex interactions between politics, the business world, the media and the public opinion. It is an art to be able to explain complex domestic intricacies to a foreigner, and Andrea Pánczél masters that art.

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