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Registration for the events organized by White Paper Consulting must be done online, through the website of White Paper Consulting. Registration to the events becomes valid after the receipt of the participation fee.

The payment should be done by bank transfer. Cheques and credit cards are not accepted. After the finalization of your registration on the website, you will receive an automated official confirmation email from White Paper Consulting and a pro forma invoice within 24 hours of your registration.

After the receipt of the participation fee, you will receive the pre-payment invoice via email and after the event, you will receive the final invoice also in email.

We accept a substitute nominated by the registered participants. The nomination of a substitute must be made in written form three days before the events and it is free of charge.  Substitutions are only permitted between delegates from the same organization.

If the event organized and advertised by White Paper Consulting can only be organised without an audience due to unforeseen consequences, tickets purchased earlier can be changed for online tickets and the difference shall be reimbursed by the Organisers. Optionally the purchased ticket can be used at our future conferences. Cancellation of the registration is possible at any time but no refund of the participation fee will be paid.

In the case of non-attendance, no refund of the participation fee will be paid.

If the event is cancelled by the organizers, the total amount of the fee will be refunded. Further claims for compensation are excluded.

In exceptional cases the organizers of the conference reserve the right to change speakers, the venue or the scheduled program.

With registration, you accept that during the conference photographs and video records will be taken that could include recognizable images or voices of those in attendance. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to their use for the purposes listed below.

Photos and video records taken at the event will be used on the following channels:

  • Publicly available websites belonging to White Paper Consulting created for general or event purposes;
  • Social media platforms used by White Paper Consulting;
  • Event promotional marketing materials created and distributed by White Paper Consulting.

By registration, you consent to our data management policy in view of which we are authorized to send you newsletters about the events organized by White Paper Consulting. Our data management meets the requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data. 

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